• Tax, financial and accounting consultancy
  • Accounting tasks related to reorganization (change of the legal form of the company, merger, demerger, separation), preparation and audit of statements of assets and liabilities
  • Auditing according to the Hungarian as well as according to the IAS, IFRS standards
  • Consolidation







Gen Audit Ltd. commenced its operation on November 1, 1991. At the time of foundation we focused on efficient financial consultancy and audit services for small and medium size enterprises furthermore we prepare audit expert of justice reports for the Capital and Pest County Courts.

Today our activity includes - in addition to auditing balance sheets - the preparation and audit of balance sheets in relation with reorganizations. We perform the audit tasks of approximately 20 company reorganizations on an annual level.
Furthermore we prepare audit expert of justice reports for Groupama Garancia Biztosító Zrt. and AVUS Kft. to revise the damage claims of enterprises. In addition to the above-mentioned services, our company performs continuous tax consultancy and tax advisory tasks for the benefit of our clients.

In 2008, our colleagues were the chosen auditors of approximately 130 companies and audited annual and simplified annual reports.

The qualification of our employees, the knowledge of foreign economic languages, and the experience gained while performing audit tasks in the past almost 20 years enable us to perform the assignments received from domestic and foreign partners.


Name Position Professional experience
Mr. dr. Miklós Jeszenszky chartered auditor,
audit expert of justice
37 years in accounting,
22 years in auditing
Mrs. Erika Nagy chartered auditor,
tax expert
29 years in accounting,
17 years in auditing
Mrs. Emese Köszegi chartered auditor,
audit expert of justice
25 years in accounting,
15 years in auditing
Ms. Krisztina Kovács chartered auditor,
tax advisor
12 years in accounting,
8 years in auditing
Mr. Tamás Kém chartered auditor,
IFRS expert
13 years in accounting,
8 years in auditing
Auditor assistants
Mrs. Katalin Zuzan Audit manager 12 years in accounting,
8 years in auditing
Ms. Orsolya Magyar audit assistant,
basic level value analyzer (AVS)
10 years in accounting,
6 years in auditing
Ms. Andrea Krajcsó audit assistant 10 years in accounting,
3 years in auditing